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The Northern Berkshire Suffrage Centennial Coalition is planning, nudging into existence and promoting a year’s worth of events to commemorate the 100th anniversary of woman suffrage.  Our partners include the South Williamstown Community Association, the Williamstown League of Women Voters, the Williamstown Historical Museum, Williams College, the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, The Clark Art Institute, Images Cinema and the New Ashford Historical Commission.  These events are multi-faceted and interdisciplinary and range from an exhibit at the Williamstown Historical Museum to lectures, films, parades and musical events.

It took a century of struggle for women to win the vote, and now we can look back on what has been accomplished in the 100 years since. The campaign for woman suffrage was the most visible, well-organized and successful political expression of women’s activism during the period known as the Progressive Era, 1900 to 1920.

The state of Massachusetts gave us many leading suffragists, suffrage conferences and campaigns. On June 25, 1919, Massachusetts became the eighth state to ratify the 19th Amendment giving women the vote.  Ultimately, our project hopes to enlighten everyone about the meaning and responsibility of the right to vote.

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